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At ISCOM University, we believe there’s no teacher like experience. When you’re powered by our collective, you multiply your potential to go beyond the classroom theory and on to achieve truly remarkable things.

That’s why we’ve knocked down the walls between academia and industry to give you inbuilt internships and courses co-created by industry professionals, all so you can receive the perfect blend of academic and real-world experience before you start your career.

And with personalised degrees and combined virtual and on-campus learning, you study more of what matters most to you.

When you multiply our world-leading facilities, industry connections, flexible curriculum, and award-winning internship program, you get the experience you need to get ahead. We call this the human equation to success.

Studying at ISCOM you really feel like you’re a part of history, being a part of a respectable institution and taking classes in conducive lecture rooms.
At the same time it’s a place where you can bring something new and I feel that this is very inspiring.


BSc Management Information Technology

Campus Life

Our campus is home to awesome student groups, and as well as top-notch student facilities on campus, you'll find there's plenty to discover, at our campus.

Our Facilities

ISCOM University invested significantly in its facilities, Our students access these facilities as part of their studies or to conduct research.


A place to call home, Need somewhere to live while you study? There are a range of accommodation types,  available to you.


Student Groups

Choose from over 10+ groups, Find like-minded friends through campus groups and activities.

Leadership Opportunities

Each year the Division of Student Affairs presents awards to outstanding members of the ISCOM University student community. These awards recognise the students’ contribution to the university in leadership roles and in service to the university and the community.

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