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Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders
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Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders
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The President's Desk
Message from our President

Warm greetings to you all our stakeholders. We welcome you to a new beginning, a new day, and a new dawn. Welcome to ISCOM University, one of the greatest educational gifts to Benin and Africa.

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Our vision is to lead education reform in Africa

We aim to do this by providing a world class educational centre of excellence in academics, character, sports and vocational development.

Perfect Environment

ISCOM University's unique features, identities and cultures makes it a unique place of study
and research.

Global Solution Based Education

We've integrated practical solution-based learning in our curriculum to to transform students into expert thinkers, innovative managers and resourceful technocrats in all fields of learning.

Excellent Academic Tradition

In form and structure, ISCOM University is conceived as a citadel for the promotion of an authentic learning environment that puts intellectualism at the center of its tradition.

World Class Resources

Our learning centres are equipped with worldclass facilities and resources to enable our students actualize their potentials.

About Iscom University

ISCOM University is a result-oriented institution for producing highly skilled and socially relevant graduates capable of applying scientific knowledge for the resolution of social and technological problems.

The University is equally committed to transforming students into expert thinkers, innovative managers and resourceful technocrats in all fields of learning.

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